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Development History

The Development History of JYH Technology

In 1999, YH Battery Factory - the former of JYH was founded, began to manufacture Ni-Cd battery.

In 2001, Bought 18,000m2 industrial land to build own factory.

In 2002, Set up Li-ion cell factory in Shanghai, first stage plant area 30,000m2.

In 2003, Bought over Sanyi Battery Factory, the first one in Chinese NiMH battery industry.

In 2004, High-temperature NiMH battery went into EU market.

In 2005, Moved to the new own factory in Jiangmen High-Tech Zone.

In 2008, Launched Low Self-discharge NiMH battery for consumer and industrial market.

In 2012, auto-assembly, auto-winding machine for NiCd and NiMH cells.

In 2014, New production lines for LiFePO4 , Li-ion & Polymercells in Jiangmen factory.

In 2016, auto-assembly lines for Φ10&14&18 cylindrical Lithium cells.

In 2017, new auto-winding machines for Lithium and Nickel cells.

In 2018, Set up new factoty in Guizhou Province for nickel cells manufacturing.