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Li-ion Battery Characteristics




Li-ion battery is charged at a constant current, then charged at a constant voltage of 4.2V. The charge voltage will go up step by step with increasing charge current.


Rated Capacity
The rated capacity of Li-ion battery is measured at 20°C ± 5°C when the battery is charged at 1ltConstant Current/Current Voltage(4.2V), ending when the charge current drops to 20mA and then discharge at a constant current of 0.2lt and ending when the discharge voltage drops to 2.75V.


The voltage and capacity of Li-ion battery will decline relatively with increasing discharge current under a temperature range of 20°C ± 5°C.


Temperature Characteristics
Li-ion battery can be used in a wide range of temperature environment and performance will vary with the ambient temperature.


Cycle Life
Charging at 1ltConstant Current/Current Voltage(4.2V) and discharging at the constant current 0.2lt under a temperature environment of 20°C ± 5°C, the battery has a cycle life of 300 cycles.

CharacteristicsThe capacity of the battery will decrease (5% - 9% per month) during the process of storage under a temperature environment of 20°C ± 5°C, and it can be recovered by recharging.